Windscreen Repair Perth

Windscreen Repair Perth

Windscreen Repair or Windscreen Replacement?

Your vehicle’s windscreen has a stone chip or crack, and you are wondering if perhaps it can be repaired rather than replaced?

In short yes, some chips and cracks can be repaired. However here at Windscreens West, despite the fact we are experts in all aspects of windscreen repair and replacement, we choose not to offer a chip repair service.

There are very good reasons for this, reasons that our competitors choose not to tell you.
1. There is no magic wand involved in windscreen chip and crack repair; an ‘ultra violet cure’ resin is used to fill the chip or crack, then is hardened by UV light or sunlight
2. A repaired chip or crack will NEVER be totally invisible. Just how visible the repaired damage will be depends upon how much dirt or contamination has entered the damaged area, and the type of chip or crack involved
3. Damage within the Critical Vision Area (CVA) of the windscreen can not legally be repaired. (The CVA is the legally defined area of vision on the drivers side of the windscreen)
4. Not all chips and cracks can be repaired, and in many cases there is a degree of risk that a repaired chip or crack can continue to run or spread
5. The gimmicky ‘repair patches’ often handed out by the larger companies do not stop a chip spreading, they merely keep dirt out of the damaged area, and a bit of sellotape works just as well
6. Regarding point 5 above, remember that using a ‘repair patch’ does not guarantee an ‘invisible’ repair, because there is no such thing
7. Any repairer that offers ‘invisible’ chip repairs should be viewed with suspicion. If a chip could be totally invisible, why would the authorities need to ban repairs in the critical vision area of the screen?
8. Beware of repairers that guarantee to take the cost of a repair off a new screen if the repair doesn’t work. They will usually jack up the price of the new screen to cover it, so you end up paying more anyway!

As you can see, a replacement is usually the most cost effective, safest and complete option. Furthermore here at Windscreens West we offer the best windscreen replacement prices in Perth!

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