Windscreen Repair & Replacement Warranty

Lifetime* Warranty  and Sale Conditions

*Lifetime Warranty Definition:

“Lifetime warranty” applies to original customer only. Warranty is not transferable, original receipt/invoice must be retained &  presented.

Supply and Installation of new glass

Windscreens West warrants that new glass supplied and installed by us will be fit for purpose and free of defects in material and workmanship that could affect it’s suitability for use.

Installation of glass supplied by customer

Windscreens West will not be responsible for damage to, or breakage of new or used glass not supplied by us either during fitting, removal, or transportation to and from job.

Removal and refitting of existing glass

Windscreens West will always take all possible care during the removal and refitting (R&R) of existing glass but will not be responsible for any breakage as a consequence of that removal or refitting.

Leakage Warranty

Windscreens West warrants against leakage of fixed front, rear and side glass supplied and installed by us provided always that:

  • There is no rust in the sealing aperture.
  • There is no body damage that could affect sealing.
  • There is no evidence of poor body repair.
  • Any bodywork repair/refinishing is to a satisfactory standard.
  • Silicone has not been previously applied to bond/seal area.
  • Rubbers/finishers are in a re-usable/warrantable condition.

Masking Tape

Due to the nature of some installations, it is often necessary to apply masking tape to the vehicle for several hours after installation of the glass. Windscreens West use only high quality tape designed for automotive use. This tape must be removed within 24 hours of job completion. This tape will not damage a sound paint surface, but may remove poorly applied or damaged paint. Windscreens West will not be responsible for any paint damage upon tape removal.


Mobile Service Conditions

We pride ourselves in our ability to work under most conditions but as we are sure you will understand our mobile service will not always be possible in wet weather if dry cover is not available, or if access to your vehicle is restricted by limited parking, or lack of space for our service van.