Second Hand Glass

Windscreen repair and replacement can be an expensive exercise, but a second hand glass windscreen can be a good alternative for the budget minded customer driving an older vehicle, or a customer without insurance cover.
At Windscreens West, significant savings can be made on the cost price of the windscreen glass, (especially in the case of side & rear windows) so whilst the fitting component of the price will usually be the same, using second hand glass will still mean that you pay less for your front, side or rear windscreen repair!
Of course, it is impossible to carry every window for every car, but give us a call and if we don’t have it, we will try to find it.
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Is Second Hand Glass Safe To Use?

Yes! Most second hand side & rear glass we use for our windscreen repairs/replacements is “OE” as fitted to the car in the factory. Unlike laminated front windscreens, side & rear glass on most cars is “toughened” or heat treated to make it shatter into less harmful small pieces when it breaks. This type of glass really only comes in two states – broken or unbroken! Windscreens West will always endeavor to supply a good clean second hand glass with no major scratches or defects etc.

Second Hand Glass for Vehicle Window Replacement

Can I Get A Second Hand Glass For My Model Of Car?

Second Hand glass is available for most popular vehicles that you see on our roads from day to day. Of course, if you drive a car that is particularly old, rare, or perhaps privately imported then this can be a challenge, but Windscreens West will always do our best to find the glass required to repair your car! Obtaining a second hand front, side or rear windscreen can usually be done fairly quickly, so give us a cal for a free quote!

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How much will I save if I choose second hand glass?

As previously mentioned, even though the fitting component of a windscreen repair/replacement will usually be the same, with Windscreens West savings can definitely be had on the price of the glass, particularly with side & rear windows. Savings on front windscreen repairs/replacements using second hand glass are not as significant, mainly due to the ready availability of new after market glass at relatively low prices. Call us for a free quote!