Q: How long will it take to get my windscreen replaced?
A: The average windscreen replacement takes around 45 minutes, dependent on the make and model of your car. When we take the booking we will provide a more accurate estimate.

Q: Once my windscreen is replaced, can I drive my car straight away?
A: To add strength to the car body in case of accident all passenger cars and light commercial vehicles produced these days have front and rear windscreens that are glued into the body of the car, and this glue requires time to cure before the car can be driven.
Some much older vehicles use other methods of installation that may not require time to cure, we will advise the safe drive away time for your particular vehicle at the time of booking.

Q: Why is it hard to obtain second hand front windscreens, but easier to obtain second hand side and rear windows?
A: Not all the windows in your car are made using the same type of glass. Front windscreens are made using laminated (dual layer) glass which whilst not as impact and stress resistant as your side and rear windows, will crack but not shatter which makes them safer. Side and rear windscreens (with the exception of some European models) are made differently using single layer heat toughened glass which is initially more impact and stress resistant, but when it does break, it shatters into thousands of tiny pieces. Because the front windscreens are not as resilient as side and rear windows, they often crack upon removal and most wreckers consider it unviable to attempt removal for this reason.

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